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Something Sweet About This Facial.

by Dave Kettner July 18, 2017

Something Sweet About This Facial.

Filled with antibacterial and humectants properties, this all natural mask is great for your skin and sweet to the taste buds too. It helps with wound healing and skin hydration at the same time. This sticky sweet substance has been studies and proven throughout the ages.
What is it.... honey.  With natural antiseptic properties and superb characteristics for healing burns and small cuts honey is not just to eat. Honey is also a natural humetant, therefore it helps keep your skin moisturized. Because of these amazing qualities, honey can treat acne as well as burns and cuts. Because of these natural properties many people use it on the face as a mask to help soothe and heal the skin.

Here are just a few tips on using honey as a healing mask.
Raw honey is the best to use as it is unfiltered and unprocessed. Raw honey looks different from regular honey. It’s thicker and has an opaque color to it instead of being translucent. Somewhere on the container it should state "raw" or " unfiltered". It also is 3 to 4 times the cost.

How to use, scoop a small amount out of the jar and apply to your face like you would a mask. Since honey is a bit thick, it helps to dampen the facial skin a bit or to apply the honey with wet hands to help it spread better. Dabbing the honey onto the face until it is covered completely, wait 30 minutes and rinse with warm water. You can use this mask up to once a week as it is very gentle. 

Honey can and will help clear the skin if the acne is from bacterial problems, but if your acne is from hormones, irritation, or any of the other numerous causes of acne, then honey probably won’t do much at all. It could help soothe existing breakouts and heal irritated skin, which could help improve your complexion. Unfortunately, although raw honey seems to soothe and heal existing skin irritations, it does not prevent acne from forming in the first place and doing a test area is highly suggested as allergies to honey or bees could give a bad reaction to the mask.

Want something that you can use daily? That is why we at Youthful Advantage have put together a formula that has both honey and oats in our facial cleanser; Wild Oat & Honey Facial Cleanser has all the great natural properties of the base natural chemicals of honey and oats without the mess and can be used up to twice daily. No mess, no drying of the skin. Only lovely, soft, smooth and clear skin to face the world with everyday.

Dave Kettner
Dave Kettner

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